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Tonytiger 85205 mesa arizona dating profile

Into the receiver, I said "Check your inbox."'Oh, you actually sent it !

I have got the returned mail message already.''Okay.'After a bit more of aimless nonsensical chatter, I hung up. Needless to say, they burst out laughing like crazy.'Dude. I am sure Noni is playing a prank on you.''Yeah, I sort of think so too.

''I am just gonna cut and paste all that crap into a doc file and mail it to the TA.''Yeah, do that. A little while later, Prostee and Atul came to my room and we decided to study a bit of finance. You can manipulate the 'From' address in any mail client.'We clicked on the message's header and as expected the mail originated from Noni's system's IP address.'See ! 'She has used the client The mail server’s cron job detected a mail originating from the IP address with a manipulated header. I read a page or two of finance, but couldnt wait for some sort of a response for that message.

I double checked the TA's address and made sure that it had three i's instead of the two in '' and clicked on the send button.

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