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The document from the state of Colorado indicates that in the unnamed location Holmes is allowed to do calisthenics. “One of the questions Coloradans get to ask is not just where Holmes is, but did we send him away because we turned off our ability to house him and protect him here where he committed these crimes,” Brauchler said.Holmes was originally held at the Colorado State Penitentiary then eventually moved out of state after he was attacked by inmate Mark Daniels. Boik who was one of the dozen killed at the theater by Holmes.Since then, victims in the case have been trying to learn his whereabouts. She spoke with CBS4 after a hearing in June where a state subcommittee declined to get involved in the the victims’ quest to find out where Holmes is being held.AURORA THEATER SHOOTING: Story Archive | Timeline | Remembering The Victims “I don’t think it’s fair for the victims to not know where he is and our tax dollars shipped off to another state,” she said at the time.The first video footage of the suspect showed him as an awkward, nervous 18-year-old giving a talk at a science summer camp in San Diego on "temporal illusions".It also emerged that in the days before the attack, Holmes, a cannabis smoker, joined a dating website seeking women for "sexy times" and also tried to join a gun club.The crowd-sourcing magic of Reddit may have unearthed another side of alleged Aurora movie theater gunman James Holmes.Several Redditors dug up what might be Holmes’ personal account on Adult Friend Finder.com, a social networking site for casual sex seekers.

UPDATE #3 – 07/21/12: Watch the report from CNN: to corroborate that user “Classic Jimbo” is indeed Holmes for several reasons: 1) The page indicates this user is a 24-year-old male and is roughly 6’0″ in height. 2) The username “Classic Jimbo” includes Jim, which is a common short-hand for James. 4) The user is a “Gold” member, which seems to mean he could not have signed up just today (if this were a Reddit hoax).Holmes, 24, is accused of shooting dead 12 people and injuring 58 in the rampage during a premiere of Batman film The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado.Police said the death toll could have been even higher because a semi-automatic AR-15 assault rifle jammed during the attack, forcing the gunman to use a less powerful weapon.The state of Colorado document also indicates Holmes is not allowed to get married or have conjugal visits, he is not permitted access to the internet, social media or dating sites and mail is not forwarded to him.Brauchler said he does not mind at all that Holmes is being held in solitary confinement.

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UPDATE – 07/20/12: Mediaite has learned that law enforcement are investigating the Adult Friend Finder page to determine its authenticity.

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