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A fresh installation of Silver Stripe is not able to load Tiny MCE correctly because the path to some files is not correct, see screenshot: https:// Does anyone know what I'... If I do not set an ipn file on Pay Pal then all customers that sign up ...I tried to display data that i populate with json and ajax to Data Tables, but the data not display, but when i inspect i get the json data, but it not display in datatables. i can get local time in PHP right but then when i refreshed the page, it keeps show the same time and not change. is it possible to take current time of the computer from PHP? For many people, the main reson for learning a scripting language like PHP is because of the interaction with databases it can offer.

Installing Open Cart extensions and themes, modificate them to your need and learn new thing during development.

But most Open Cart users know how frustrating it can be get an unexpected error and not be able to find a solution for it. If you got an error, don’t fret because other Open Cart user had the same problem and already gotten it solved.

This tutorial collecting most common errors that repeatedly asked by Open Cart users at community forum.

Sometime the same error have different error messages, that why we organize the error variant and solution for it.

Before continue, you need to know that an error usually trigger another errors.

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Some examples of PHP and My SQL being used together are: You only really need three things to run PHP scripts which access My SQL databases. This can either be on a computer of your own or on a web host. You can also use most other types of database (SQL, Oracle etc.) but as this is a PHP/My SQL tutorial I will deal just now with the My SQL database (although the commands used here will also work with SQL databases).

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