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It's happened to everyone: you take out something in your fridge, only to discover it's out of date.It's easy to tell when the food comes in a packet with a use-by date on the top - but what about when it doesn't?A new chart reveals exactly how long you should be keeping certain fresh foods in the fridge - and when it comes to fish, it's only one day.

These sheets have won in our tests four separate years with four different writers, so we’re confident they wear well and have consistent quality.Food has been an essential part of dating since the beginning of time, or at least since dating became a thing you could do without having the woman’s entire family in the room with you to supervise.Having a meal together is one of the easiest ways to get to know somebody—it’s an opportunity to scope out any weirdness around one of our most basic bodily functions, with just the right amount of peripheral activity to keep you engaged if the conversation doesn’t, but not so much to distract if you’re feeling the connection. And that new place is really cute, but your date was actually there for the friends and family night. Yet even in the kale-mad singles scene, you don’t have to drive yourself nuts trying to play the game, or start taking everyone to the Cheesecake Factory as an act of protest (though, actually, that could be a pretty stellar date if you came at it with a DGAF attitude and ordered right).In fact, the entire in-store café menu is extremely well priced. SAVE BIG WITH COSTCO'S KIRKLAND BRANDWhile some home brands tend to get a bad rap, Costco's Kirkland Signature products are all really high quality.According to insiders, the private label is extremely high quality and makes up for 20% of the products in-store.

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