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I Just think it sucks that guys have it harder then girls. its ignorant to judge someone for not liking someone based on appearance. If you are not physically attracted to someone, it wont work no matter how mentally/emotionally in love you are. however, physical aspects are not the full 100% appearance of someone. Its either where your looking or your not looking or you dont have the balls to pursue. One of the biggest handicapps that men with AS have is they are oblivious to a woman's flirting.Expecially good looking girls they have life so much easier. Their there, its up to Remember that all this is true of everyone, not just aspergites. Like fishing, it's mostly patience from that point on. So start by paying attention ,watch for the subtle things;eye contact,if she ''accidentally ''touches you .This theory is complemented by Hanna Rosin’s article, “The End of Men”, which notes how men have disproportionately suffered the brunt of the 2008 economic collapse and have fallen by the wayside as women have continued to succeed.This has effectively divided the male population into two camps: those who have weathered the economic storm and are thriving in their jobs as software programmers, consultants or whatever, and those who have moved back in with their parents and lackadaisically look for jobs while they continue to cash in their monthly unemployment benefits.For all of these reasons and undoubtedly many more, single women in the city live in a perpetual grey space on the receiving end of cryptic messages from men, where everything is open-ended. It’s just so much easier to open up the app on your i Phone.She knows she has friends that will do her, or if not, a nice trip to the bar will do it, or even easier: online dating. Hell, many women could charge shitloads for sex and they do. There are books, media, online material etc that make up a multimillion dollar industry to help men attract women.Frankly, most men don't have what it is that attracts women on the same level that woman attract men.

As Alex Williams describes in his piece, traditional dating and courtship, with its clear intent and rules of conduct, has been replaced with ambiguous casual interactions, loaded text messages and frivolous sexual dalliances.

Unless you are an extrovert, this time takes a toll too (going out all the time) So there is something interesting about the two adages : "if something works, don't fix it" and "prostitution is the oldest profession in the world" they both compliment each other, why?

Getting laid means going out, chatting, chasing, escalating, getting dates, getting rejected etc.

Jen Doll, writing in the , notes how the successes of the women’s movement have created a gap between the sexes, where modern women really can do it all on their own.

There is no need to marry for reasons of financial stability, and there is significantly less pressure to bear children by “a certain age”.

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