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The young are often perceived as self-centred, preoccupied by activities that are considered fun and generally apathetic towards society's problems.

In Season 2, after Caroline turns into vampire, she becomes really helpful to Damon and he becomes very nice towards her and they start working together.

During Season 4 when Elena broke up with Stefan due to her growing feelings for Damon, Caroline was totally against it and openly expressed her dislike towards their flourishing relationship.

However later in Season 5 she is able to accept their love for each other and becomes much more comfortable and friendlier with Damon. After being rejected by Stefan Salvatore, a drunken Caroline Forbes noticed a handsome stranger in the Mystic Grill and they exchanged smiles at each other.

Sosa played with four Major League Baseball teams over his career, most notably the Chicago Cubs.

Sosa's Major League career began with the Texas Rangers in 1989.

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Sosa is one of only three National League players since 1900 to ever reach 160 RBIs in a season, a milestone he reached in 2001.

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