Updating 1950s kitchen cabinets

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Updating 1950s kitchen cabinets

Natural elements—vintage wooden cutting boards, the Shaker-style barstools' woven rush seats, and a faded antique wool runner—warm up the cool space.

The old cabinets were revived with bright white paint and cast-iron knobs, while a new butcher-block countertop finished off the look.

The rest of the house had original hardwood floor so we ripped out the brown linoleum that was there and carried the hardwoods into the kitchen.

we took the wall out between the entry and the kitchen so that we could get this amazing breakfast bar and open up the space to the rest of the living area.

The kitchen boasted a cooking range bisected by a work counter, a hooded ventilator and grille to control cooking steam, odors, and grease built into the wall cabinets, and a washer and dryer in their own corner.

This ranch-house kitchen also was chosen as a "pace-setter" in 1950, sporting a "revolutionary electric range." "This comes in separate units," the editors wrote.

We went with a bay-style window behind the sink which paid off big time.

Not only do we get a ton of light streaming through it, but we gained a few extra feet of counter space which allows for some close-at-hand herbs.

A new island, covered in stainless steel and painted with bright orange auto body paint, makes all the difference.

Having saved by sprucing up (instead of ripping out) the original cabinetry, the couple splurged on a porcelain apron-front sink, which also echoes the down-home style of the new basket weave tile backsplash.

Drawers and open shelves were used instead of standard kitchen cabinets to avoid unreachable, wasted back corners.

The refrigerator niche in the brick wall is neatly closed in across the top with cabinets, making one move do the work of two. chose it as one of three "pace-setting" kitchens of the year.

"When you can get a complete kitchen, laundry, and a place to eat into a space only about 12' square, it's a real achievement," the editors gushed.

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Other fixes included removing the wooden window scallop, replacing the knobs with metal handles, and covering the cabinetry with white marine paint.

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